The Ophelia collection was inspired by geometrical shapes found in nature. To stress the strength and geometrical rhythm of used forms, as well as deprive them of the romantic character with which we are eager to approach nature, black is the only color used in the collection, and the forms taken from nature have been placed on big plates. The collection includes such forms as seashells and sea anemones, as well as marine plants and organisms. They are all connected in geometric, rhythmic sequences, which not only allow to exhibit the beauty of used pieces, but also form new and intriguing shapes. Ophelia also shows the beauty of natural microcosm, whose structures make one aware of natural world’s geometry and unimaginable diversity even more. The plates of Ophelia is where this world happens. It reflects in them, or lies on their surface. It vibrates or freezes. Sometimes it is calm, sometimes it is strong, and sometimes it is even predatory. Apart from spectacular necklaces, the collection also includes more modest forms of bracelets and earrings. They constitute variations of Ophelia's leading theme and shapes.
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