My name is Anna HORSECKA
My name is Anna HORSECKA

I cannot imagine life without the joy of creation. While designing jewelry I like to break schemes, and experiment, I allow myself for extravagance. I work with many different materials and learn how to use both old and new techniques. Through jewelry I try to express my imagination, with no compromise towards commercial success.

I'm fascinated by the fashion world. This is a wonderful place, full of exciting people and the beauty of all kinds. I admire the nonchalant courage of fashion designers while they create their innovative collections. I prefer to present my jewelry during a fashion show – presented this way, it comes to life and is more glamorous. I believe I am successful when my jewelry is not an addition to the outfit, but gives it a new, adorned and ennobled form.

I admire the work of human hands. Therefore, jewelry from my studio is to the maximum extent the result of manual labor. I believe it is not just a sign of luxury but also give items exceptional refinement.

My jewelry changes not only with a change in fashion trends. It changes primarily with me and everything that surrounds me. However it is always full of heart and passion to create that I put into design and labor.

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